Bullet proof doors

Regarding security, windows, and doors are the most vulnerable parts of any building. While searching for the best security solution, you often end up at the bullet proof doors. It adds additional protection against ballistic attacks and theft. These doors perform the dual role of safeguarding against penetration by the ballistics and functioning as a normal entryway. 

It is a perfect solution for those searching for a reliable and secure door for their business. It is particularly beneficial for companies dealing with valuables and cash. Apart from being bullet-proof, these doors are blast-resistant and help against fired weapons, criminal acts, and explosions. 

Are you thinking about installing a bulletproof door in your building? Well! Read the article completely to know how beneficial your spending is. 

Things make a door bulletproof

Usually, bullet-resistant glass is called a bulletproof window or door. It is nothing but polycarbonate thermoplastic and laminated tempered glass. It is a toughened glass, considered five times stronger than regular glass. It sucks the energy from the blows of the plank, metal, bullets, hammers, and any object used to break the glass. 

Not all types of bulletproof glass can withstand bullets. It is the major reason for the term bullet-resistant glass is considered more appropriate for security windows and doors.

A high-quality bullet-resistant door can serve several purposes in different buildings. It is also used in the security vehicles of banks, government officials, military vehicles, etc.

It is possible to install bullet proof doors and windows in your home and enjoys a higher level of protection. These doors are vital in saving lives and valuables, so investing money in them is considered the best. Additionally, this one-time investment will benefit you for the years to come.

Major benefits of bulletproof doors

  • Most bulletproof glass has a thermal expansion, indicating that ballistic glass is tougher than other types of glass. They are manufacturing using three types of glasses to add effectiveness and strength. The bulletproof glass’s elasticity makes the hard objects exert evenly on the glass. Thus, it resists threats from guns and small tools effectively. 
  • It renders amazing protection against handguns and rifles. But the type of bullet proof glass used in your doors always matters. Going with the latest glass type renders outstanding protection, but it needs more money. 
  • Prevention is always better than cure. Apart from installing standard alarms, cameras, and door locks, you should install extra physical barriers such as bullet proof doors and windows. It offers ultimate security from the active shooter’s attempt to break your entry point. 
  • Bulletproof doors are affordable, but the cost varies on the type of door you prefer. The cost always depends on the factors such as the size of the door, the type of bullet you wish to be protected from, and the transparency and appeal of the door. 
  • These doors are exceptionally strong and withstand heavy impacts such as bullets for a long time.
  • It also adds curb appeal to the building and makes the people inside feel safer.

Working of bulletproof doors

Different types of materials are used to make bulletproof doors. But, contrary to the belief, the thickness of those materials does not matter in the bulletproof door.

The thickness or thinness of the material never makes the door resistant to bullets. The surface area of the door always makes sense. 

A reliable bulletproof door has several layers of materials that absorb bullets and gunshots effectively. The impact and effect of the bullet will spread over a big surface area. In this way, the bullet will slow down in time before penetrating the door. Thus, you will be in the safe zone when gun firing or other similar circumstances. 

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