Galvanizing Line Equipment

Our Galvanizing Lines are designed and built using the latest technology available in the industry. Our Galvanizing Lines meet the most stringent requirements, whether the galvanized product is to be used for exposed automotive applications, home appliances, industrial applications, or construction. Galvanizing Lines are equipped with an electrolytic cleaning section and/or alkaline high-pressure cleaning and/or brushing systems. Our cleaning section is 100% environmentally friendly.

The combination of outstanding mechanical equipment, furnace, air wiping, and post-treatment sections leads to increased plant competitiveness, with excellent coatings for all the required steel grades, maximized production capacity, and low environmental impact.
Further highlights of our technology are low operating costs and high process flexibility for the production of a wide range of different products and coating types.
The hot-dip galvanizing lines are the preferred choice for coating steel for automotive applications.
The quality of the finished product complies with the demands of the higher added-value market.
The metal coating line can target several markets in terms of steel grades and alloying type.
In a vertical configuration, the galvanizing line is able to produce all steel grades, from soft-forming up to dual-phase, TRIP, and martensitic steels.
In a horizontal configuration, the galvanizing line is able to produce all soft-forming grades, from LC to ULC and IF steels, most HSS grades, and DP products up to 1000 MPa tensile strength.

Non Ferrous Galvanized Steel Coil