Cooling Tower Noise Control

The most effective method of eliminating heat from a building may be cooling towers, however, they make a noise as other mechanical devices do. It's crucial to follow these regulations and make sure that the noise levels are appropriate because these noise levels are frequently subject to severe limits within building codes or project requirements.
We have dominated the cooling tower noise control in the market since 2002. We are proud to be able to work with some of the biggest corporations in the nation because of our depth of knowledge.

Noise reduction for chillers and cooling towers One of the largest pieces of equipment, cooling towers are frequently installed on roofs or next to structures. Cooling towers are frequently located close to the property line or office windows, where noise from the fans can be an issue. Their cooling fan generates loud noise of up to 95 dB(A).

According to CPCB bylaws, sound levels near the property line must range from 45 to 60 dBA depending on whether the area is residential, commercial, or industrial. When noise levels exceed this point, nearby businesses and residents frequently complain and even file lawsuits.

Noise-reducing cooling tower equipment for all applications involving acoustic insulation and soundproofing connected to the preservation of the acoustic environment, ecotone provides a comprehensive selection of noise-reduction devices for cooling towers and chillers.

We provide effective solutions to all soundproofing demands using equipment (either standard or custom-made) whose level of design and execution satisfies the highest standard.

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