Resistant Doors

Our Bullet Resistant Doors are made with a sturdy inner core of Ballistic Composite Wood clad in durable Acrovyn and rounded field-replaceable edges for the ultimate protection against heavy abuse. We offer bullet-resistant doors in various sizes and colors as per one's need.

Our products are independently tested and certified to a wide range of security standards including from various laboratories.  Additionally, ESEW offers not only ballistic, forced entry, or blast-resistant products, but combinations of two or more force protection threats.

1. Ideal for sensitive areas: banking networks, penitentiary center, police hotel ...

2. Single or double row of armor-plating in steel or aluminum integrated into the outer or opening frame.

3. Steel or aluminum shields depending on the desired ballistic performance,


High Performance

  1. With aluminum armor-plating, ballistic classification levels range FSG, FB2, FB3, and FB4 according to European standards.
  2. With steel armor-plating, ballistic classification levels range: FB5 according to European standards


  1. Technical Operator Centers
  2. Commend and control centers
  3. Communication center
  4. Electronic warfare center
  5. Medical Facilities
  6. Guard Booth
  7. Explosive & Ammunition Storage
  8. Arms / Weapon Storage
Bullet proof doors caliber



Blast Doors are constructed using steel box section and steel sheet which is fully welded as per the design specification.
The frame is designed for casting into the door opening.
It is recommended that blast door frames are cast into the building fabric. This provides a stronger mounting and
means no drilling, or unnecessary penetrations through the host building wall around the opening.


ESEW Products offer a complete or supervised installation service for all of our doors.


Blast Resistant Doors are to be designed to resist the effects of a cased 500lb
charge, standard US MK117 Bomb at 100ft standoff. 25psi. In the absence of
further detailed information, this has been interpreted as a standard
general-purpose bomb. Class A fragment penetration.
Total charge weight (H-6/Tritonal) = 734lb (334kgs)
Equivalent TNT = 488lb (222kgs)
Peak Reflected Pressure, Pr = 99.1kPa
Reflected Impulse, Ir = 752.9kPa-ms
Idealised Triangular-decay duration, t = 15.2ms
LPG weapon direct hit


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Blast Resistant Doors

ESEW Has A Brilliant Record In Responding To Complex Customer Requirements Of Blast & Bullet Proof Products.

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