Color Coating Line

Our color coating and printing lines respond to the growing demand for pre-coated sheets with high throughput rates and top product quality.
These lines continuously coat HR, CR, and galvanized steel with a variety of coatings in an almost endless array of colors, patterns, and textures, and can be supplied as stand-alone lines or combined with an in-line galvanizing process.

Using roll coating machines, the coatings are precisely applied to both sides of the strip, which can be coated simultaneously with either the same or different types of coating.
The typical configuration involving separate coaters, with the quick color-change feature and two ovens, allows maximum flexibility in applying one or two coats on each side of the strip.
Further highlights of our technology are high flexibility for processing different strip dimensions and coating compositions, precise coating thickness, special design and control of curing ovens for high efficiency, excellent quality, and enhanced environmental solutions.

Colour coatings are paint coatings and are specialty products, which are used to give steel long-term protection under a broad range of corrosive conditions, extending from atmospheric exposure to full immersion in strongly corrosive solutions. A color coating provides little strength to the substrate steel, yet it protects the steel so that its strength and integrity can be maintained.

color coating lines