We specialize in manufacturing Fabricated Valve bodies - Made out of Plates, Valve Internals, and other Valve Components such as Discharge Chute, Gate shrouds, etc. These are Critical Valves used in refineries that involve Heavy Fabrication and Intricate Machining.

Pressure-control valves are found in practically every pneumatic and hydraulic system. They help in a variety of functions, from keeping system pressures below a desired limit to maintaining a set pressure level in the part of a circuit. Different types of pressure control valves include relief, reducing, sequence, counterbalance, safety, and unloading. All of them are typically closed valves, except for reducing valves, which are usually open. For most of these valves, a restriction is necessary to produce the required pressure control. One exception is the externally piloted unloading valve, which depends on an external signal for its actuation, which normally comes from a digital pressure regulator. In certain applications, like ventilators and anesthesia machines, the flow must be consistent at all times. Variations in the flow of gases can lead to serious injury or death. That’s why control valves are so important.

Major Products

  • Fabricated Forged Valve Bodies
  • Fabricated Casted Valve Bodies
  • Slide Valve
  • Butterfly Valve
  • Gate Valve
  • Valve Internals - Stellite, Inconel Overlay
  • Valve Components
  • Volume Tank / Air Receiver
  • Diffusers


soundproof enclosure chamber

ESEW Is A Pioneer In Design & Build Industrial Noise Control Products & Acoustic Consultancy Services.

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ESEW Has A Brilliant Record In Responding To Complex Customer Requirements Of Blast & Bullet Proof Products.

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