Acoustic louvers are useful for sound attenuation in the openings of the acoustic enclosures. All Ecotone acoustic enclosures require a certain number of openings in the form of air inlets, exhaust or air outlets, and acoustic ventilation louvers inside the enclosure and for weather control in general. Acoustic louver panels also helps in maintaining a certain temperature and humidity level inside an enclosure which is vital for the optimal performance of the unit.

ESEW is the leading industrial louver manufacturer of high-quality acoustic louver Panels and sound attenuators. Acoustical louvers and Acoustical Louver Panels are efficient to give ventilation just as sound attenuation. The efficiently planned inside calculation permits air to move through with insignificant weight drop and most extreme sound attenuation. Acoustical Louvers give great water infiltration assurance and air flow performance. They are ideal for any place where there is a need to limit sound levels and ventilation is required.


  • District Cooling Plants
  • Generator Rooms in Commercial & Industrial Sectors.
  • Electrical Substations.
  • Power Generating plants.
  • Healthcare & Hospitals.
  • Offshore & Onshore.
  • Chemical treatment plants.
  • Aviation industries.
  • Commercial and Industrial Duct Systems.
  • Fresh air intakes for ventilation systems.


  • Design Flexibility.
  • Hurdle free installation.
  • Swift delivery upon 100% Production confirmation & drawing approval.
  • Technical & after sales support.
  • AutoCAD drawings are incorporated in compliance with project requirement for every project.
  • Customized material selection with galvanized or aluminum construction.
  • Architecturally aesthetic appearance.
  • All sizes are custom fabricated to meet project requirements.
  • Acoustical attenuation across all eight octave bands.
  • Good water penetration performance.


  • 75mm Thick Rockwool of 48-60 Kg/M3 Density.
  • Thickness & density can be changed according to the Technical Acoustic Calculations, to obtain the optimum performance of the Louver.
  • Non combustible when tested in accordance with BS 476 : Part 4: 1970 & ASTM E-136.
  • Fill material is class-1as tested in accordance with ASTM-84.
  • Tested for Temp. up to 750° C in accordance with DIN 52271.
  • Meet the requirements of BS 2972 Sec.22 & ASTM C-871, ASTM-C-795, ASTM C-692. ASTM C-177/C-518 & DIN 52612 for low thermal conductivity.
  • Sound absorption in accordance with BS 3638 & ISO 0354.
  • Inert, vermin-proof, weather rated non combustible acoustic infill.
  • Fiberglass shall be density calculated to provide the acoustic and aerodynamic performance.



ESEW Acoustic Louvers are designed
and manufactured in compliance with international standards, to achieve the optimum results through Acoustic Louver Software Selection Method supported by our Acoustic Engineering Consultant. Acoustic and aerodynamic performance varies with
the design, and the sizing of the louvers are important to minimize concerns of pressure drop and water ingress. All Air WellCare Acoustic Louvers are designed for multi purpose, permitting air to flow, while protecting the environment from unwanted noise, to suit the application, from offshore environments to extreme weather and ambient temperature.


Standard Powder Coating finish as per RAL Colour Codes. The following custom based optional coatings / finish are also available on request.

  • Super-Durable Polyester Powder Coating (SDF)
  • Hyper-Durable Fluorocarbon Polymer Coating (HDF)
  • Polyvinylidene fluoride coating/KYNAR
    Coating (PVDF/KYNAR) The above finishes complies to AAMA 2603 /
    2604 / 2605 requirements with 20-year limited warranty against failure or excessive fading.

Many optional accessories to the basic design are available at an additional cost. They include:

  • Construction with Aluminum material.
  • Extended sill flashing.
  • Bird Screen / Insect Screen in Galvanized Steel / Stainless Steel / Aluminum in various sizes.
  • Flanged frames of various sizes.
  • Hinged access panels Sub-frames.
  • Continuous perimeter / Support angles.
  • Visible mullions for multiple section
  • Anodized, Baked Enamel or Kynar finish.


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