When it comes to the manufacture of our noise safety products and across the entire scope of our supply Quality and Experience is the biggest thing that we can boast about.

Our highly skilled engineers build noise products for durability and reliability in line with the current Indian safety standard and guidelines. We have 2 large factories and a powder coating facility on site meaning we have the resources to deliver any size project.

ESEW also have a quality management system to ISO 9001:2015 which means you have the assurance that manufacturing quality is to the highest possible standard.

Technical Features

  • We offer customized solutions in accordance with the ISO 14001 & CPCB norms of noise pollution
  • 50 STC Value Acoustic Panel tested as per IS-9901(Part III) – 1981, DIN 52210 part IV – 1984, ISO: 140 ( Part III) – 1995
  • The Acoustic panels come with the feature of 16 gauge CRCA / GI perforated sheet
  • Auto CAD facilities will include all kind of piece marked assembly along with the drawings
  • Two coat primer & automotive paint in desired shade or Powder coating of desired colour
  • Electrical wiring, switch board & light to maintain 300 LUX inside the enclosure
  • Air Ventilation System for Fresh air inlet and hot air exhaust
  • sound Proof Glass Vision panel to see through

ESEW Acoustic Enclosure can be effectively used in multiple applications as mentioned below:

  • Air Compressor Acoustic Enclosure
  • Air Blower Acoustic Enclosure
  • CNC Machine Noise Enclosure
  • Cement Panel Blower and Grinding machine  Noise Enclosure
  • Acoustic Enclosure for noise generating  machine
  • Power Press  and Fin press Noise Enclosure
  • Electrical Motor and Transformer Acoustic Enclosure
  • AC Fin Press Acoustic Enclosure
  • Punch Press Enclosure
  • Sound Proof Operator Cabin
  • Glass Crusher Acoustic Enclosure
  • Sheet Cutting Machine Acoustic Enclosure
  • Noise Testing  Chamber/ NVH Test Chamber/ Quiet Room
  • Engine Test Cell/ Dyno Test Cell Acoustic Treatment
  • Wind Turbine Noise Control  Enclosure
  • AC and Home Appliances Noise Testing Booth
  • Machine Noise Control Sound Barrier
  • Wire Winding Machine Acoustic Enclosure
  • Machine Enclosure along with Vertical Lift doors and “L” Type Doors
  • Anechoic Chamber
  • Semi/Hemi Anechoic Chamber confirming to ISO 3744 & 3745
  • Noise Test Booth for Conveyor Line and for  R&D Test Lab
  • Noise Barrier to control Industrial Noise
  • Industrial Silencer, Acoustic Louvers. sound Attenuators

ESEW have experienced noise engineers who can come out to your site to conduct a full noise survey on your machinery or application. We offer consultancy on all industrial noise issues and can conduct noise surveys and impact reports using the latest instruments & technology.

We will provide you with a comprehensive quotation for the works required to help you achieve the required dB(A) level in line with current legislation and guidelines.

Noise reduction is our specialty get in touch today to arrange a noise assessment site survey.



Our Acoustic design team use the very latest inventor package (Autodesk Inventor 2021) to design all our noise control solutions. This means that our design team have the finest tools and equipment to create the very best designs for your custom-built acoustic project.

Our designers will visit your site to take details and measurements and then will send you a full 3D CAD design of the noise enclosure or noise solution, for your approval prior to manufacture.

Our in-house design team are all profoundly experienced at designing these kinds of projects, having worked in our safety and acoustics team for many years. These projects will be familiar to them.

All Acoustic Enclosures designed by ESEW are CPCB compliant and they conform to: IAF ISO 15667:2000 Noise Control by Enclosures and Cabins, IAF ISO 11690-2:1997 Noise Control Measures & IAF ISO 15664:2001 Noise Control Design Procedures for Open Plant.


The majority of our noise reduction products are powder coat finished at our factory in the Greater Noida (West)

ESEW have an impressive on-site powder coating unit. We hold many RAL colours in stock or for special colour requests we can source these for you.

As a quality company under ISO 9001 all of our paint work is inspected under quality control procedures which in turn means we produce excellent powder coated acoustic enclosures and noise safety products.


ESEW offer a full installation service nationwide on all of our noise reducing products.

Our acoustic enclosure installation team have been fitting enclosures and cabins for many years so we are very experienced in this type of install.

Furthermore, all of our noise engineers are accredited, safety trained and all carry safety equipment's. Method statements and risk assessments are always produced prior to any installation.


Acoustic Enclosure

ESEW is a pioneer in design & build industrial Noise Control Products & Acoustic Consultancy services.

soundproof enclosure

ESEW has a brilliant record in responding to complex customer requirements of blast & bullet proof products.

wind tunnel test

ESEW design & build all type of test facilities associated with Defence & aerospace. master of engineering services.