Tunnel Washing Line

This is our widely accepted and appreciated line by our international clients for cleaning aluminum pots. The pots are cleaned on the fully automated line of a 20-meter-long SS conveyor by a pressurized spray process of degreasing, water cleaning, nitric acid rinsing, DM water rinsing, and air wiping, and hot air chamber drying. The cleaned pot comes out from a hot air-drying oven with the utmost surface finish without water spots. From the conveyor, the pot can be packed directly for dispatch. These lines are available in 1000 mm wide and variable speed of 3000 mm per Minuit.

The washing tunnel system is the most traditionally known and common system in the industrial washing industry. The parts are placed on a conveyor and then driven through a tunnel passing under jets of water enriched with specific chemicals until they reach the drying oven after which they are conveyed to the exit. The linear layout makes this solution ideal for processing lines with an in-line linear layout. Depending on the plant logistics and type of washing, different types of conveyors can be used: conveyor belt, overhead conveyor, bound pallet chain conveyor, and free roller.

tunnel washing line