Sound attenuators

Wherever it is necessary to reduce noise generated by air or gas flow without compromising the air or gas flow itself and with keeping the pressure drop as low as possible, acoustic attenuators or noise silencers or Sound attenuators, Acoustic Louvers, Air Intake attenuators or say Air Discharge attenuators are commonly used in multiple domestic, industrial, or mixed applications. We are a reputable manufacturer, and supplier of noise control solutions in India and offers a complete range of acoustic attenuators to meet literally any need a customer may have in the field of noise reduction. Both ready-made silencers and custom-built solutions are offered. The primary fields of application for acoustic attenuators are HVAC systems, fan inlets, and discharge at radiators, cooling towers, etc. – basically, anywhere, where air, flowing to or from specific equipment, generates noise. Acoustic attenuators are used in order to reduce noise to the industry acceptable level.

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