Air compressor, blower, power generator, and other industrial machinery create lots of noise. Unwanted sound affects indoor and outdoor spaces. As a business owner, you must take proper measures to prevent noise and protect workers within the facility and outside people.

soundproof enclosure makes it easy to trap sound waves that never affect the ambient environment. You can speak with the right manufacturer and pick up the perfect enclosure to protect workers and maintain a peaceful working environment. It is available with proper acoustic lining to block sound. 

  • Enclosure manages special materials to obstruct sound from traveling indoors and outdoors.
  • It is suitable for different scenarios and avoids stray noise.
  • Incorporating such items in industrial facilities is better for preventing overexposure to noise.
  • Business owners use different sound control mechanisms to cut workers’ exposure to noise.
  • It is the best method to enclose a machine or equipment that creates too much noise.

For optimal performance, the enclosure exterior can design with solid and dense material, and the interior should be made with absorbent material. The inlet and outlet must fit with a silencer to block sound from running away via the ventilation system. You can focus on the important factor of accessing the perfect enclosure.

Look at sound reduction:

Calculating desired sound produced by the machine requires a sound level meter. The enclosure is the best item to minimize sound level. If the machine produces maximum noise, you can get an enclosure with an excellent reduction feature. Calculation simplifies based on reality and computation.

  • Desired soundproofing level will decide based on the engineering noise control type. 
  • Sound reduction of up to ten decibels needs sufficient enclosure.
  • Higher acoustic reduction requires complete or partial enclosure.

Sound enclosure dimension:

Industry must pay attention to the enclosure with interior and exterior dimensions. You can consider that enclosure very close to the machine and operator work inside. All contact between the soundproof enclosure and equipment must prevent to manage soundproofing performance.

Whether you have restrictions around equipment, a sliding door is the best option to let proper access. It is a good choice to protect the operator from noise. You can use the correct dimension enclosure to prevent sound troubles.


When making an enclosure, every opening must insulate properly to eradicate noise from getting out. Potential penetration involves 

  • Ventilation
  • Access for maintenance
  • Fluids and utilities
  • Inlet and outlet for entry and exit of product
  • Discharge of pollutants and waste

Type of access requires:

If you need access to machinery or a certain section only, you can switch to a custom enclosure that design based on your wish. The product can disassemble partially or fully. Different forms of panels may engineer for maintenance, from removable panels to oversized motorized doors.

  • Oversized door
  • Liftable roof or hood
  • Sliding door
  • Fully Liftable enclosure


The machine generates a variable amount of heat due to the engine and other systems. Heat can remove from the enclosure and prevent the machine from overheating. When designing a ventilation system, experts consider computers, light, the number of workers working inside, and elements that produce heat.

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